Some objects are created just to fulfill a function, some others just to be sold. Life moves faster than ever, we have forgotten how to appreciate beauty, we have forgotten how to feed our senses, how to live art. Let’s break the mould; let’s connect with art again. Let’s stop scrolling images and start appreciating beauty, let’s find unique objects and new ways to express ourselves. Let’s re-design the way things are made, let’s break the rules and never forget that ART COMES FIRST.
Everything you ever needed is surrounding you, collect the tools and collect the power, find a purpose and fight for it; like the universe, expand. Be thankful and embrace all that is there for you to get, learn how to communicate with your environment, then you will be able to hold everything, from the patience that will help you go trough all difficulties, to the strength that will empower you to make your dreams come true. Bet to infinity, the universe is a machine of never ending chances, try again, and again; never stop.
Close your eyes. Breathe, feel how your senses wake up, pay attention to the lines and the lights the darkness creates, play with them. Imagine yourself flying, imagine yourself unchained, feel the breeze of the air while you break into the clouds. You have reached the sky. Embrace the power within you; don’t let your imagination down. In order to change the world, we have to dream about it first. Your imagination is the most powerful tool you have, your superpower.
Life is too short to spend it overanalyzing, overthinking, worrying about the “what if”, stocked with maybes, with tomorrows that never arrive. Don’t let your worries destroy you. FIGHT. Without a fight there is never a victory, without victories there are no champions. Keep moving forward, never stop. Embrace the unknown, keep searching and then you will find the answer to all your questions. Let the world know that you came to win. Build a team, form an army.
You can’t fight against time; but you can still make the most out of it. Live every second, enjoy every day, from your most wildest adventures to the most ordinary experiences, remember there is beauty in simplicity. If you have to run, run, but never forget to stop, to take a break and look around, breathe, remember that time is only a concept, and you can decided if you let it define how you live or not. Live the NOW.
You are moving against a cyclone at full speed, you are afraid that the strength of the wind will stop you, but there is no force heaver than you, than your dreams. You won’t stop, not today. Today you don’t have time for excuses, for delays, today you are not tired, you don’t have boundaries, no limits, NOT TODAY. You will face obstacles, you will face people who will try to slow you down, who will try to tell you there is a speed limit, well, remind them that NOT TODAY.
Take the rains, be in charge, see what you are capable of doing with your bare hands, the power in them, how many things you can create, and how many others you can destroy, like fear, pull down all boundaries, all limits. Build your destiny, like powerful and strong castles, paint them with your colors and leave your mark.
For those who connect with their inner self, for those who had learned how to see further from looks. For the ones that can find what is inside, what moves us. The eye will connect you with your subconscious, with your spiritual self. You will be able to unite with everything around you, with nature, with the past, the present and the future, the future that holds a world of opportunities, adventures and achievements ahead of you.
Life will introduce you to a series of unwanted guests; those who will try to sneak around and put you down, those who quietly will cross your path, trying to build walls around you, trying to attack when you lower your guard. Like snakes, those unwanted guests will appear unnoticed, expecting to spread their poison; but you are prepared, you have always been. Prepare your arrows and attack, let them know you are always aware, always expecting and always prepared, to fight back, to win.
The dust that nourishes life, The union between the present and the past, between the passion and attraction of the red rose and the drive to feel alive with the mystery and fierce of the skull; the skull that invites to the unknown, this union that represents those who never forget, those who live without boundaries, with no fear; those who celebrate and revere the ones that are no longer here, those who respect death without dread, those who celebrate life, who celebrate death; for those who find beauty in every corner, those who will always remember with passion and love.
Jean Michel-Basquiat, a powerful name, with an even more powerful story. From the the precarious life on the streets to the victory and recognition, never lowering his voice, always leaving an unmistakable mark; the starter of a revolution, his work will always stand out, his voice will never be silenced. Never forget that those who change the world, those who think outside the box, those who break the rules, will be always chased, sometimes even by their own ghosts; keep your head up and fight back.
Sometimes you just need a push to light the powerful fire that rests within your soul. You can find that strength in someone or something, in the form of experiences, dreams or goals, sometimes you can find it in your enemies, in sadness; it doesn’t matter where that strength comes from and if you cant find it, keep looking. Keep looking cause not finding prevents you from stop trying, from stop moving, from becoming static, fight the ordinary, avoid the routine.
The modern life refuses to hear the voice that is beating inside your chest, there are so many rules, so many distractions, compromises and even excuses that keep you away from making your wildest dreams come true. It is moment to start following your instinct, let that fire inside you determine how many barriers you want to tear down, learn to see with your heart, don’t be afraid of feeling, don’t hesitate to show your emotions. Love out loud.